• Michael Cocce

Management Team Joins Boston Wounded Veteran's Motorcycle Run

Last weekend, members of the Valiant management and construction teams fired up their Harley's for a good cause.  Three team members attended Boston's 8th annual Wounded Veteran's Motorcycle Run, founded and in support of veterans around the country.  The ride lasted a couple of hours followed by a gathering to s

how love for those who have served our country.

From the They Fought We Ride website:

"Boston’s Annual Wounded Vet Bike Run Inspired by Cpl. Vincent Mannion Brodeur began in 2011. One of the most severely wounded veterans in the nation, Vinnie is the recipient of the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. After surviving 40 operations and a yearlong coma Vincent has become an inspiration for people throughout the nation.

Every year Boston’s Wounded Vet Run will be dedicated to different veterans. All proceeds raised go towards housing modifications to suite a comfortable living for the disabled veteran. Besides housing modifications, funds are also used to improve the quality of life of disabled veterans. Recreational needs, cars, and basic living needs are also other fields of charity the ride is dedicated to. The event is sponsored by the Italian-American War  Veterans, a federally chartered non-profit veteran’s organization. They fought, and we ride, a bike run honoring the wounded veterans of New England."

The foundation put together another major event this year, and we encourage you to stop over at the Wounded Veteran's Motorcycle Run's website to make a donation.  We hope to see you next year!

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