• Michael Cocce

Valiant Helps Florida Eagle Scout Complete His Rank

This month, a member of Valiant's construction team received a letter from Life Scout Tommy Morris of Florida.  Tommy was asking for help in completing a community Leadership Service Project, which would help the Scout achieve his Eagle Scout rank.

To achieve the rank, Tommy was required to choose and plan the  entire project, recruit volunteers, acquire materials, and act as a foreman on the job.  For the Leadership Service Project, Tommy chose to tear down and rebuild a worn-down gazebo owned by Pine Shores Presbyterian Church in Sarasota, FL.

Tommy wrote that the project would require financial support as it would cost approximately $4,000 for materials.  Valiant was happy to help Tommy accomplish his goal.  Together with local volunteers, Tommy and his crew tore down the old, weathered, termite-infested structure and rebuilt a brand new 10-foot vinyl gazebo with a cupola in it's place.  After that, they planted a bed of flowers around the new gazebo so it would look beautiful and relaxing for local community members to enjoy for years to come.

Tommy went on to achieve his Eagle Scout rank.  Valiant could not be more proud to help Tommy with his project and still feels the warmth that Tommy's community leadership brought to the table.  Congratulations Tommy!

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