• Emily Alves

Valiant Community Outreach Program Steps Up to Help Local Homeowner

This month month, a community member in New Bedford, MA came to find herself in need of assistance.  Due to erosion and other environmental factors, officials told her that she would need to pay thousands of dollars to have her small home moved to a new location. Valiant Community Outreach team members volunteered to save her the financial burden and complete the daunting task of moving her tiny home off of the coastal area where it sat for years.

The community of New Bedford and surrounding up-and-coming towns are an important hub for the Valiant team and main office.  Valiant is proud and honored to reach out and help members of the community who would otherwise be forced to leave or make drastic life changes.

With some equipment and one of the Valiant pickups, the woman’s home was safely transferred to a new location where it would no longer face impending damage from erosion and changes in water levels.  The experience and reaction from the local community member was nothing short of rewarding for our Valiant’s members.

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