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Season of Giving at Valiant-America

Season of Giving at Valiant-America

Over the holidays, Valiant team members came together to ensure a warm and joyous season for the children and young adults of New Bedford.

For many locals, the Boys & Girls Club of Greater New Bedford has been a sanctuary for play and peace since 1871.  Previously known as the Union for Good, the club has continuously aided, assisted, and acknowledged the local youth.  For that, Valiant decided to step in and pay it forward, giving back to the surrounding community by helping out the club as the company settles in their into their new office in a new end of the town.

The Valiant executive team met the managers of the New Bedford Boys & Girls Club in late November and explained that Valiant would like to offer help to the club in any way they needed, acknowledging that the club runs solely off of donations and other small grants.

The Boys & Girls club explained that while they have multiple gymnasiums operating, one of the favorites recently had a failure in the heating system causing them to shut the doors.  Jumping right into action, Valiant team members hauled a scissor lift over to the Club, only a few blocks from Valiant’s main office.  The next day, one of Valiant’s plumbing leaders fixed the heat so the kids would be able to use the gym.  For multiple weeks prior, the gym was so cold that anyone who walked in could visibly see their breath.

Next, the club managers mentioned that they have an annual holiday party where all the kids receive huge lists of gifts donated by the community including bicycles, stuffed animals, games, and more.  However, they explained that their artificial Christmas tree had been destroyed by flooding in their basement in the prior winter.

Valiant was fortunate enough to provide a 7 foot artificial Christmas tree fixed with Christmas lights, just in time for the party.  The Valiant management team accepted the club’s invite to attend the holiday party, astounded by the amount of gifts provided by the community.  Valiant observed the warmth and holiday spirit that the club generates for the kids during this time of year, including a visit from Santa that left the kids ecstatic and cheerful.

Valiant looks forward to a growing relationship with the club in the coming years and the management team felt warmth and compassion while helping to improve conditions for the club as they planned their biggest event of the year.

From Boys & Girls Club of America:

“The Boys & Girls Club is dedicated to providing a stimulating and wholesome environment which promotes social, educational, character, and physical development for children and young adults.  Its goal is to assist youth from all socio-economic backgrounds to develop the positive qualities required to become responsible citizens and leaders.”

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