• Michael Cocce

Agrify and Valiant Showcase New Joint Venture at MJ Biz Con 2019

Early in December, over 35,000 cannabis business people from around the world converged on the Las Vegas Convention Center for the annual Marijuana Business Convention – the largest cannabis convention of its kind worldwide.  With big news to celebrate, Agrify and Valiant showcased their new joint venture, Agrify Valiant, to the continuous flow of crowds in the Agrify booth, just inside the main doors of the event.

Agrify and Valiant answered questions for hundreds of attendees about the intricacies of the state-of-the-art Vertical Farming Units (VFU’s) and how Valiant recently became the primary installer and distributor of the units.

In addition, Agrify offered tours of the recently purchased TriGrow facility, which houses a large number of cannabis-filled VFU’s, allowing potential clients to view the modular grow pods in action.

The facility included multiple rooms for each phase of the grow process, including the 2-story VFU room with stacked units and fixed catwalks on the 2nd level,  trimming rooms, packaging rooms, and more.

Back at the convention, Valiant executives networked with many of their past clients and partners, podcast and social media fans, as well as new potential partners and clients.  Meetings were had with big names such as Agrify, Cresco Labs, FullBloom, Urban-Gro, Matt Machado of Matt Machado Construction, Miller Soils, GreenDot Technoligies, Iluminar Lighting, and many others.

2020 is set to be a huge year for Agrify Valiant’s joint venture. Stay tuned for more news and updates!

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