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Interview-Filled Summer for Valiant’s Eamonn O’Kane – Upcoming Podcasts and more…

As you may have seen in last month’s Radio Entrepreneurs’ “In the Weeds” segment, Eamonn and Chris of Valiant’s executive team sat down with hosts Jonathan Freedman and Walter Sullivan to discuss such topics as the history of Valiant as a company, Valiant’s methods for choosing equipment and partnerships, supplying electricity to the company’s massive cannabis grow facilities, and more. (If you missed it, you can view the full interview on our homepage).

In the coming weeks, Valiant will speak with two more major podcasts in the cannabis industry, DudeGrows and GrowCast.

As Valiant rapidly expands across the U.S. and into other countries, tireless CEO Eamonn O’Kane has more recently begun to spill some of his secrets as to how and why Valiant quickly rose to leadership in the quality of construction of grow facilities in the cannabis industry.

In his interview with Radio Entrepreneurs, we heard Eamonn discuss his journey to the U.S. from Ireland in the heat of the cannabis industry’s launch into the mainstream, as well as his careful selection of equipment partnerships before and during construction of the company’s 140,000+ sq ft. grow facilities that are in operation today.

In addition, Valiant COO and construction superintendent Chris Tenaglia gets into the intricate details of Valiant’s cogen systems, a name for the powerful energy-generation units used to supply the massive amounts of power to the facilities – given that there just simply is not enough power in the state to power even one facility.

Stay tuned this month because Eamonn has meetings marked on the calendar with DudeGrows and GrowCast, where the cannabis industry giant plans to get into deeper details of the world of commercial construction of cannabis cultivation facilities for medical and recreational consumption, as well as the recent construction of a popular Cambridge, MA medical marijuana dispensary completed by Valiant in August.

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