• Emily Alves

Valiant Construction Crew Take a Moment to Give Blood

Valiant holds its team members to a higher standard when it comes to community service and engagement.  As often as possible, Valiant employees are encouraged to stop in at any local blood donation center to donate blood and platelets.  This week, the team took a break from construction on a nearby medical marijuana dispensary to donate blood as a team.  If you’re in the  Boston area, call 617-556-2200 to schedule your appointment to donate today.

Blood donations are extremely helpful to those with severe, often debilitating diseases and conditions. Without the blood transfusions, quality of life and sometimes even life itself would not be possible for those fortunate enough to receive the donations.   Even more specifically, blood platelet donations have risen to an extreme demand in recent years.

This past Friday, a handful of members of the Valiant crew working on a nearby medical marijuana dispensary construction project took a breather and went down to the American Red Cross Blood Donation Center on Tremont Street in Boston.  Throughout the week, most of the Valiant office and field staff were able to make it to a center to donate.  Please join Valiant in the effort to create a never-ending supply of the liquid that keeps us all alive and healthy!

We had a great time with the American Red Cross staff, plenty of laughs, free snacks, and even a festive American Red Cross phlebotomist who dawned the Valiant “shield” construction high-viability yellow T-Shirt.   As you can see, some of the team members were still working hard and conducting business with our partners and clients over the phone while having blood drawn!

The team was happy to help, and carried the warmth of their donation efforts back to work with them that afternoon.  Volunteering and donations are a healthy, easy way to reach out to those less fortunate in the community, and to lend a helping hand where it might be needed. Thank you American Red Cross!

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