• Michael Cocce

Valiant’s Largest Facility to Date Nearing Completion

In just a few short months, Valiant-America’s team of skilled tradesmen will complete the remaining phases of a massive scale project.  An old shoe making mill built in 1845 has been converted into one of Valiant’s state-of-the-art cultivation facilities, fit with over 36 rooms. Each room will serve its own purpose during the cultivation process, with several of each type specifically designed for  different phases of cultivation.

Rooms will include mothering, vegetation, flowering, curing and drying rooms, packaging, as well as extraction, 5-star commercial grade kitchens and other miscellaneous rooms that allow clients to produce a wide range of cannabis products.

The facility is fit with the latest security technology, guarded electronically both from inside and outside of the building.  All phases of the grow are monitored closely to assure a mold-free, humidity controlled, nutrient controlled, temperature and pressure controlled environment.  Each cultivation facility built by Valiant is engineered to withstand the drastic changes in climate (most importantly, the changes in humidity) faced in the Northeast and other parts of the country.  To put it simply, Valiant cultivation facilities ensure the highest quality product output, regardless of size and location.

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