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Scotty from DudeGrows Show talks Grow Room Construction with Eamonn

Last week, Valiant-America CEO Eamonn O’Kane sat down (via Skype) with The Real Scotty, host of the DudeGrows Show podcast.  The pair got deep into the details of what makes the best cannabis grow room during the “Grow Talk” segment, specifically indoor cleanroom grows and the purpose they serve in today’s commercial cannabis industry.

Scotty Real and Eamonn went back and forth about creating a mold-resistant grow and learned how Eamonn’s background in Irish construction played into the ideal build quality of his company’s construction today.  Eamonn explained how growing up in the small, damp country of Ireland gave him an advance know-how in grow-construction technology.

“I grew up in a country that’s very damp, and having buildings myself over there, I know what makes mold grow…. the way we even build a house in Ireland is totally different from the way [the U.S.] do it, and it mitigates a lot of mold risk just naturally by building it with concrete and certain products and paints.  I was seeing in America that this wasn’t being done at all. They were throwing up boxes and throwing plants in the air, and they were wondering where all this mold was coming around. To me, it was straightforward.”

The pair continue on to cover mistakes that commercial growers must avoid if they want to be successful long-term, as well as changing regulations and what it takes to get into the commercial growing field. 

Watch the interview HERE!

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