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Valiant’s Rev Clinics Dispensary Project in Central Square Passes Final Inspection

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

In just under six months, Valiant’s construction team converted Central Square’s old Blockbuster Video-turned-makeshift-art-studio and graffiti hub into the newest Revolutionary Clinics Medical Marijuana dispensary.

The project encompassed a complete overhaul -- full demolition down to the studs, new floors, piping, HVAC, and more.

After years of neglect, the building needed to be completely refaced with a new glass storefront, concrete sidewalks out front, bicycle racks, and an all-new interior.  The former Blockbuster Video store more recently showcased the artsy spirit of Cambridge -- a hip college town on the edge of Boston -- covered wall-to-wall with years’ worth of some very impressive graffiti-style artwork. 

This is the second of two dispensaries operated by Revolutionary clinics, an advantageous addition to their state-of-the-art cultivation facility  -- also built by Valiant -- one of the largest operational indoor cleanroom cannabis grow facilities on the East Coast.

Valiant’s construction team used new industry-leading 3D design technology including cutting and printing tools to create a perfectly-edged, sleek and modern design for patients in the dispensary.  Special interior designers from the cannabis industry were brought in to create a welcoming, comfortable, “positive-vibe” environment that is sure to attract repeat patients in the greater Boston area.

Set up for ease-of-access in mind, the newly designed Cambridge, MA dispensary is reshaping the medical marijuana scene.  The shop is located right at Cambridge’s Central Square and will improve access for thousand of medical marijuana patients in the area for years to come.  Now that the building has passed final inspection, Revolutionary Clinics will await it’s go-ahead from the Cannabis Control Commission and will soon thereafter begin providing patients with high quality medical cannabis.

Watch a video walk-through of the finished dispensary HERE.

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