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‘Construction Leading Edge’ Podcast Hosts Eamonn for ‘Deep’ Discussion on GC/PM Communication

Earlier this month, Valiant CEO Eamonn O’Kane made an appearance on ‘The Construction Leading Edge’ Podcast.  He and show host Todd Dawalt spent over an hour discussing the issues faced by general contractors and project managers, complex issues faced by contractors in the cannabis construction niche, and how to stay motivated when you feel like your business is struggling.

Eamonn first explains that because cannabis construction is an extremely expensive form of commercial construction, transparency and understanding is the most important aspect to avoid pitfalls between owner and contractor.  He continues to digress on the common mistakes that the ownership of facilities make, misinterpreting the differences between general contractor and project manager, and where their place lies.  Clear and honest communication are top priorities among Eamonn’s large crew.

Focusing in on the cannabis industry, Eamonn reveals the importance of reaching out and working with reputable construction companies already in the market, due to how rapid and specific the field is.  According to Eamonn, there is no benefit in sticking to what you or your everyday construction team knows when everything about cannabis construction is ever-changing and evolving.  The most mistakes in this industry simply occur from lack of knowledge.

After a major downturn in Ireland around ’05, Eamonn saw business in commercial construction steadily decreasing first hand, so he made his way to the states. There, he sought any and all knowledge from those already leading the cannabis industry charge in states like Colorado, Washington and California.  After working alongside a few who were finally willing to take him under their wing, he saw huge opportunity in other states that were due to follow with legalization.

As the two wrapped up the podcast, the conversation turned more philosophical when Eamonn began to share some of the ways he stayed motivated, even when it felt like his business was struggling.  Be prevalent, don’t listen to those who say you can’t do what you’re trying to do, but also be open to admitting mistakes along the way and adapting to changes in the industry.

Listen to the episode HERE!

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