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Agrify Enters Into Joint Venture With Valiant-America

Agrify-Valiant LLC to address cannabis industry’s biggest concerns

Source: Agrify Corporation

BURLINGTON, Mass., Dec. 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NetworkWire – Agrify, a developer of premium indoor grow solutions, announces today it has entered into a joint venture with Valiant-America, a leading cannabis consultant and innovative general contracting firm.

The 60/40 joint venture, called Agrify-Valiant LLC, includes an option to acquire the remaining 40 percent of Valiant ownership within the next two to five years. The joint venture is designed to provide a complete turnkey solution, from design, engineering and construction to integrated, controlled grow solutions, world-class total farm management software, and equipment financing.

“There’s always been a disconnect between equipment and construction in the cannabis and indoor crop industries, and this joint venture will solve that,” said Agrify CEO Raymond Chang.  “Agrify-Valiant LLC will now provide a one-stop shop for those looking for a comprehensive solution.”

Agrify-Valiant LLC recognized the major pain points of starting and maintaining an indoor crop facility, and will all but eliminate project delays, complicated fit-outs and dealing with multiple vendors, contractors and equipment providers. This joint venture also provides integrated hardware and software solutions and financing for start-ups and established companies.

“Agrify exemplifies our core principles as a leader in the cannabis and indoor crop industries,” said Eamonn O’Kane, Valiant-America CEO. “The quality of their products combined with our build and engineering expertise make for an easy and complete build-out experience no one else can offer.”

About Agrify Agrify is a rapidly growing developer of premium indoor grow solutions for the cannabis and hemp marketplace. Our comprehensive grow solutions have been developed with one mission in mind: to assist our valued customers in producing the highest quality product possible with consistency and superior yields. Agrify is a non-plant-touching company; to learn more, check us out at www.agrify.com.

About Valiant-America Valiant-America is a leader in development, management, consulting and general contracting.  With vast experience in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and other industrial buildings, Valiant’s newfound success follows a decade-long specialization in commercial development of cannabis cultivation facilities and dispensaries.  For more information, please visit www.valiant-america.com.

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