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Agrify-Valiant Joint Venture

Facility Engineering Services

Our team of experts has worked through the growing pains so you don't have to.

Bridging the Gap Between Equipment and Construction

There has always been a disconnect between equipment and construction in the cannabis industry. With Valiant as our primary installer and distributor of premium grow solutions, we are able to successfully bridge this gap. Valiant's experience in the development of commercial cannabis cultivation facilities and dispensaries spans over a decade.  Their in house team of expert architects and engineers create a seamless synergy in all aspects of the the installation process of the Agrify systems. By partnering with Valiant, we are a one-stop-shop for comprehensive grow solutions. (7).png

General Contracting

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State-of-the-Art Facilities

Valiant has developed and managed over 800,000 sq ft. of compliant, innovative, full-scale medical cannabis cultivation facilities. The unique knowledge of Valiant's team in conjunction with Agrify’s solutions allows us to help you navigate the ideal facility design. By taking construction, airflow, environmental threat mitigation, and more into account, we are streamlining your facility's success.

The Proper Tools for the Job

Valiant’s experience in the construction of indoor cannabis grow facilities combined with Agrify’s micro-climate, software managed modular grow systems creates the perfect synergy for an all-in-one solution. Skip the growing pains and get into the business of selling consistent, high-quality crops at the lowest possible cost.

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Agrify VFUs

Generate 6x the yield per square foot and a 29% increase in cannabinoid potency over traditional cultivation.

Agrify Container

Container Farms

Skip the growing pains and get into the business of actually selling your crops in the shortest time possible.

Agrify Software

Agrify Insights

Automate every routine within your environment for maximum consistency and achieve 98%+ resource utilization.

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